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Catch the Leprechauns

March-long Scavenger Hunt

A colourful band of little Leprechauns have taken over the Boro. 


Escaped from nearby breweries, these mischievous Leprechauns have been up to all kinds of mayhem inside the local pubs of downtown Peterborough.


Join the Leprechaun Hunt 

Join  our  epic quest to find  5 troublesome Leprechauns hiding out in the local pubs of downtown Peterborough. Win a cheeky prize for your troubles. 

Where to Start



This game is free March-long scavenger hunt. Catch the Leprechauns uses a scavenger hunt mobile app called Goosechase. Using your mobile device download the Goosechase app. 


Once downloaded,  you can log-in as a guest or create your own profile- the choice is yours!  To find this specific scavenger hunt within the Goosechase app use the game code: 5W9B4Z  


The Boro's 1st ever Leprechaun Hunt will run from March 1 to March 31. 

 Players can complete the  Leprechaun Hunt anytime throughout the month of March.


Enter the Catch the Leprechauns! scavenger hunt on Goosechase using the game code: 5W9B4Z


Tour participating downtown pubs to find 5 little Leprechauns. Using the Goosechase app, take a picture or video of each Leprechaun you find along your travels. The first 100 folks to catch all 5 Leprechauns and win a "Pint of Gold" 


+ Go to any participating pub to redeem your prize.

 + Show a staff member at the Pub your "completed mission" to validate that you've completed the Leprechaun Hunt. 

+ Must be legal drinking age to redeem prize

+ Prizes cannot be redeemed on St. Patrick's Day. Our local Pubs are a wee bit busy serving customers during the holiday. 

Leprechaun Hunt

Leprechaun Hunt Rules 

Use Game Code: 5W9B4Z
or Search: Catch the Leprechauns!

Pub Parter

 Pub  Locations

Downtown Peterborough's  vibrant pub scene  is filled with historic charm and world class hospitality.


Our local pubs are known for their casual and friendly atmosphere, hearty food and drink, sports, and live music! 

Our Leprechaun Hunt features 13  local pubs all nestled within a few city blocks of one another. 

Throughout the month of march 5 Leprechauns will be hidden on a rotating schedule inside one of the 13 pubs.

Locations: Riley's, Black Horse, One Eighty, The Dirty Burger, Crook & Coffer, Jethros, Champs, McThirsty's, Maple Moose, The Social, Bijoux Bar, and Dr. J's


Our Brewery  Partners

The Boro's first annual  Leprechaun Hunt wouldn't be possible without the generous contributions of our brewery partners. 


Peterborough and the Kawarthas is known for its craft beer scene, thanks to  imagination and ingenuity of our local craft beer makers. 

Craft brewing plays a vital  role in our local  economy, creating jobs ad well as ensuring Peterborough and the Kawarthas maintains its status as a major player in Ontario's craft beer industry.

Be sure to support our craft beer makers the next time you visit the LCBO, or pop in for a pint and brewery tour! Our brewers love showing off their craft ales! 

Meet the Leperchan

Meet the Leprechauns!

Bobby McCaygeon

A cheeky lil sprite hailing from Bobcaygeon Brewery

Sitting on a dock off of Buckhorn Lake, a small voice was heard…


”Build a craft brewery for me,” whispered out onto the wind from a little Leprechaun looking to make friends.


His name is Bobby Mc’Caygeon and this adventurous little chap has been travelling by Northern Lights and common loons for centuries in search of his dream brewery.


With a sprinkle of magical dust and a little Leprechaun persuasion- Bobcaygeon Brewing Company began. For years their little sprite friend ran wild in beautiful cottage country, only to return to regale his adventures at the brewery and inspire the many flavours Bobcaygeon is known for.


On his most recent trip, Bobby Mc’Caygeon slept beneath a blanket of stars on Chemong Lake, influencing the creation of Bobcaygeon’s Stargazer IPA.


Lately the call of the big city has awakened Bobby's taste for adventure. He’s never ventured outside of cottage country until now…Looking for his next escapade Bobby Mc’Caygeon has left the brewery to tour all the local pubs of downtown Peterborough! 


He’s supposed to be home helping the brewery harvest strawberries and kiwis for their next sour beer. Help us catch Bobby and bring him home!


A cheeky lil sprite hailing from Haven Brewery


Deep within Harper Park lies a fanatical fairy dwelling where a wee lil’ leprechaun was born. Repulsed by his unfairy-like nature and leprechaun stature, he was released in the wild marsh of Harper Park.


Petey O’Haven scoured the woods for a place to call his own when he happened upon Haven Brewing Company’s little locale right off the creek. Many moons ago, Petey snuck into the brewery at night- after the brewery closed for the evening. Once inside, he found himself a cozy bed of hops to sleep on.  For the first time in over a century, Petey felt like he finally found a place to call home.


When he’s not showering under the taps, Petey is wreaking Havoc at the brewery, concocting a line of brews inspired by his own shenanigans. Brewmaters’ Andrew and Nathan don’t mind – Petey's Havoc brews are really good!


Feeling a little restless, Petey’s curiosity about the downtown pub scene got the better of him this year. He snuck out of Haven’s Brewing under the cloak of darkness- with some mischief in mind. Now out on his own for the first time in the big city, Petey has been setting up shop inside the pubs of Peterborough, sneaking his Havoc beer kegs into all the taps!


Petey O’Haven should be returning home soon…help us catch him!

Petey O'Haven

Publican O'Leerie

A cheeky lil sprite hailing from Publican House Brewery

Deep within the walls of a 170 year-old building in town, a wee lil leprechaun was forged of the dust. For years, Publican House Brewery has been wondering how new beers were being mysteriously made overnight until they started renovating their restaurant and pub next door!


As the story goes, Publican O’Leerie had been living within the walls, causing all kinds of mischief in the brewery. One day, O’Leerie was told that if he wanted to keep making his unique brews, he’d have to wear a beard net.


But our little sprite refused! In defiant protest, Publican O’Leerie grabbed his square nail cane, and in a massive huff he shuffled to the closest exit. Just as he was about to leave- he smelt something wondrous! The finished stock of their first batch of Henry’s Irish Ale. O’Leerie took one sip, and WOOHOO! He sprinted to the patio and started dancing an Irish jig! Much to the delight of staff, it was decided then and there, O’Leerie would stay at the brewery-beard net and all!


And thus, Publican O’Leerie was the first performer at the Publican House Brewery & Pub.


As a last hoorah in his old age, Publican O’Leerie has decided to share his Irish dancing with the downtown. While this lil leprechaun is quite a talent, the brewery needs him back to unlock the secret recipe for Our Pet Pilsner beer! Help us catch him!



Persian Murphy 

Feidhlem Falls

A cheeky lil sprite hailing from Fenelon Falls Brewing Co.


Bred in the magical trees of Westclox Park, a lil leprechaun hid aboard a boat coming through the Peterborough Lift Locks. Feilhem Falls sailed the Trent Severn Waterway to find a beautiful heritage building that he decided to call home.


Not knowing this little creature was about to set up camp, Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. opened its doors. Since then, Feilhem has been using the sled trails to scour the area for flavours and fun to bring back to this little locale.


When he’s not concocting his own creations, folks often find Feilhem taking exfoliating baths in the grist mill dreaming of bringing his brews to the pubs of downtown Peterborough.


On March 1st, Feilhem was discovered missing from his wee bed in the rafters of Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. His acorn suitcase and pint of Kawartha Sparkling Ale are missing, which can only tell us one thing! Feilhem’s hopped on a rainbow to downtown Peterborough.


While the pubs are in for a treat, the brewery misses him dearly! Help us catch him!


A cheeky lil sprite hailing from Persian Empire

26 years ago when Persian Empire began, they had no idea the distillery was setting up residence on enchanted land. Years passed without incident of any sort fabled Faye magic.  Until one day they opened a barrel to find – not only whiskey - but an aged leprechaun!


Persian Murphy was his name, and since his release, he’s been mixing and making all the concoctions his mischievous mind can muster. Dates, raisins, berries and vanilla, this Murphy is out of control!


While he basks in the comfort of his rum-soaked coconut, sipping his thimble full of whiskey, his mind runs wild with what else this distillery can do…This is how Persian Murphy made Persian Empire a Brewery too!


Late on the evening of Feb 28, Murphy snuck out of the Distillery and started distributing his fabled magical brew, Aria Saffron.

While this little leprechaun is having the time of his life side hustling on the streets of downtown Peterborough; Persian Empire needs Murphy to come home with his magical sack of saffron so they can make more! HELP US CATCH HIM!


Irish Kilts

Other St. Patrick's Day Festivivites

May the road rise to meet you friend! 

There be plenty of Irish tomfoolery to be had this merry March. Have a week look at the list of happenings below!

1. Ptbo St. Patrick's Day Parade -March 12

Show your Irish spirit at the Boro's very own Paddy's Day Parade

2. Showplace Presents: Foley's Irish Pub- March 12

Enjoy an Irish kitchen party with musical acts and storeytelling


3. Hutchinson House: St. Patty's Take Home a Meal- March 17

Taste teh flavours of Ireland with a classic meal to enjoy at home. order before March 13


4. Haven Brewing Co. St. Patty's Luncheon March 17

Traditional Irish fare at the brewery

5. Séan McCann Signs the Great Big Songbook-March 19

A lively performance of Canada's Favoutire Band  The Great Big Sea Presented by Market Hall PAC

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